About Us

Who Are We

Bargains Express UK is an online trading portal of Etail Tech Limited.

Company Name: Etail Tech Limited
Company Registration Number: 9568185
VAT Registration Number: 266725672
Place of RegistrationEngland
Registered Office Address11 Ralston Grove, Sheffield S20 4TW

What We Do

We're committed at Bargains Express UK to providing you with cool and exciting products from around the world, as well as making your shopping experience safe, simple and satisfactory.

With our head office sitting in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, we have our eyes on every customer all over the country, and expand our network to every corner around the world, in order to bring the most unique and convenient shopping experience.

Minimising the overhead and running cost, Bargains Express UK is able to pass on any saving from office rent and utility bills to our valuable customers and make our prices most competitive in the market.

What Make Us Different


With years of experience in online retailing and web development, the in-house developer team of Bargains Express UK has established a bespoke ecommerce platform which facilitates fast and accurate handle of customer orders and enquiries.

Unlike most of the online traders who have to scratch their heads and figure out how things work together with these off-the-shelf software, at Bargains Express UK we built our ecommerce system from scratch and know it inside out. We keep udpating our system to maximise the output of our staff team by minimising the amount of time and the number of clicks that takes to get the job done.


Simple is Better. At Bargains Express UK, we embrace this concept at every stage of its development and deliver it at every day of our work.
  • No tricks
  • No small print
  • Less clicks
  • Less paperwork


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do in Bargains Express UK. We don't simply say this because other traders have stated the same on their 'Customer Service' page. We deliver it, to every customer, in every transaction.

We establish a thorough understanding of what drives customers to us, as well as what turns a pleasant shopping experience into a frustrating nightmare.

At Bargains Express UK, we take serious action across the business to address issues that come to our attention and improve customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

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