Ways to open a bottle without a bottle opener

How many times we find our bottle opener is nowhere to be seen, when we need it to open a bottle of beer?

In practice, almost anything, from a household appliance to street furniture, can be used to get a bottle open. But for your own safety, we will brief here a list of most approved ways and fun ways to open a bottle without a bottle opener.

  1. A pair of strong scissors is the most easy way to have your bottle open.

  2. Use a suitable edge of your dinning table is the most convenient way.

  3. Use a spoon is the safest way. Just put the small tip of the spoon under the cap, your hand around the neck of the bottle and pop.

  4. A table fork will do the job just like the scissors.

  5. Car seat belt latches are the right shape for opening bottles, but this is not recommended. Imagine your alcoholic beverage is spilled in the car...

  6. Take two bottles. Just use the side of the caps to open each other, but be careful, as you simply don't know which one will get opened.

  7. Someone even suggests a staple remover, but we found it extremely difficult to use.

  8. A wedding ring? You will need a strong heart to do so...

  9. Just use a key. That's simple, and it works just like a fork.

  10. Using a chief knife is the least recommended way given the great risk it carries.

The possibility and fun are endless, and you can share your experience by participating in our online survey shown in the link below.

Online Survey: How did you open a bottle without a bottle opener?

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