Kawaii Stationery

What is kawaii?

Kawaii StationeryKawaii means "lovely", "cute" and "adorable", and has become a prominent aspect of Japanese stationery. Japanese stationery is very popular among gadget lovers because of its high quality and wide variety, which makes our large collection of kawaii stationery a perfect alternative to the boring office supplies found in the supermarkets.

Kawaii Stationery vs Traditional Stationery

Kawaii ErasersCuteness and novelty are sitting in the heart of kawaii stationery, and the widest variation is seen in the designs of Japanese style rubber erasers. These cute erasers are rendered as colourful replicas of food, animals, vehicles, and many other items, and are our kawaii answer to the white rectangular erasers.

Kawaii Sticky NotesAnother must-haves in our kawaii stationery are the cute Japanese style sticky notes. Available in variety of sizes and shapes, these colourful sticky notes in pretty designs of fruits, kitten cats, puppy dogs, adorable animals and lovely dolls will deliver your message more effectively than a boring post-it sticky note.

Kawaii Ballpoint PensThe variation of colours and sizes are two features common to Japanese stationery, and these features are genuinely embraced in the designs of Japanese style ballpoint pens. These kawaii pens can write just as well as these boring ballpoint pens and can lift your spirit during those long days in office or study.

Kawaii stationery are also perfect gifts for kids and young ladies. It's well known that Japanese girls love things that are kawaii. Not just clothes, but also the stationery goods they use every day at home and at school - pens, pencil cases, erasers, rulers, glue - girls' bedrooms and school bags are packed full of cute stationery items. With these cute and fun-to-use Japanese stationery goods, even school subjects you dislike can become fun to study.

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