No More Boring Post It Sticky Notes

A sticky note is a small piece of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue on its back, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces. The most used ones in our daily lives are the small pads of yellow, square, Post-It branded notes. To be fair, the Post-It notes are now also available in array of colours, shapes and sizes, making them less boring to use, but in general our first impression of a Post-It sticky note is as illustrated in the image below.

bording post-it sticky notes

At, you are offered a wide range of cute sticky notes in most novelty and pretty designs, which will surely light up your desk in work and at home.

You might feel like to write a message on a fabric plaster, or a sheet of green leaves, a lovely puppy dog, a cute kitten cat, a beautiful butterfly, or even a red apple.

Novelty Fabric Plaster Style Sticky Notes Leaves Shape Sticky Notes Fruit Style Sticky Notes
Puppy Dog Sticky Notes Kitten Cat Sticky Notes Butterfly Sticky Notes

Or some lovely animals to carry your message to the little ones
Cute Animals Sticky Notes Woodland Animals Sticky Notes Parent and Child Animals Sticky Notes

Or simply want something cute and colourful to deliver your message in a more personal way.
Japanese Style Animals Sticky Notes Rilakkuma Bear Sticky Notes Lovely Girls Sticky Notes
Pretty Tour Style Sticky Notes Lovely Doll Sticky Notes Lovely Girls Sticky Notes

The most important thing of all, the extra fun you have with these cute sticky notes would not cost more than a pound, as most of them are priced at only 99p including FREE UK delivery to all areas in the United Kingdom.

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